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selling your home Deanna Picinich September 27, 2023


 Mastering the Art of Reviewing and Negotiating Real Estate Contracts

When it comes to selling your home, you'll inevitably receive multiple offers, possibly all at once. The key to a successful sale lies in understanding how to assess and negotiate these offers effectively. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to consider:

1. Review the Entire Offer: Look Beyond the Dollar Signs Don't let the dollar amount be the sole focus of your assessment. Take a closer look at all the conditions the buyer has included in their offer. Consider contingencies, seller concessions, and closing date requests. Evaluate how these factors align with your overall plans and priorities.

2. Assess the Earnest Money and Down Payment: Gauge Buyer Commitment Earnest money and the down payment are indicators of a buyer's seriousness. A buyer willing to make a substantial earnest money deposit demonstrates a higher level of commitment. Similarly, examine their down payment as indicated in their pre-approval letter. A larger down payment signifies a more dedicated buyer.

3. Closely Review Buyer Requests: Balance Personal Belongings Pay careful attention to the stipulations and requests made by the buyer. Are they asking for personal belongings you hadn't intended to include? Even if their requests exceed your initial plans, consider the overall financial impact. Compare the dollar amount they're offering with what you might lose by accommodating their requests.

4. Calculate Seller Concessions: Weigh the Impact on Your Bottom Line If the buyer requests assistance with closing costs, mortgage insurance, or repairs, evaluate how this affects your profit from the sale. Remember that even if they offer the desired sale price, any assistance you provide will reduce your overall profits. Before agreeing to concessions, consider their impact on your financial goals.

5. Consider Contingencies: Assess Their Implications Many buyers include contingencies in their offers, providing them with ways to exit the contract without losing earnest money. Carefully assess these contingencies and decide which, if any, you are willing to accept.

Final Thoughts: Negotiate with Confidence Remember, you have the right to negotiate. If something in the offer doesn't align with your goals, don't hesitate to initiate negotiations. You're not bound to accept an offer at face value. Instead, define your priorities, weigh your options, and make informed decisions.

Even if you have only one offer on your property, take your time. Thoroughly evaluate the offer's impact on your bottom line before making any decisions. A well-informed approach to reviewing and negotiating offers ensures that you achieve the best possible outcome from your home sale.

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